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Free Shipping on Orders Over $100
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The Moonflower Studio is an online jewelry store that offers hand made, personalized and designer jewelry crafted using the finest materials including sterling silver, gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones. While some of our work is done from scratch or through CAD design and 3D printing, other work consists of sourcing components and putting them together in various finished jewelry pieces.

Conflict Free Policy:

The Moonflower Studio purchases diamonds only from suppliers who comply with the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process ensures that rough diamonds are exported and imported with a government validated Kimberly Process certificate stating the diamonds are conflict-free as well as sold with a statement from the diamond supplier guaranteeing that the diamonds being sold are conflict-free. The Moonflower Studio does not purchase diamonds or jewelry components with diamonds from suppliers who are unable to produce documentation certifying compliance with the Kimberly Process.